Devil's Spine

Noble Pursuits

Chapter One
Noble Pursuits

The adventure begins with Douj, Yal Cullum, Lol and Garr all sitting in the local pub. There have been rumors going around town of random people disappearing. Normally the Garr would be the only one who would be interested in helping since the rest of the group is motivated by money and exploration and not so much tracking down missing people. Garr who used to be a member of the police force still tries to help out when he can.
After a few minutes of drinking and talking Yal Cullum starts to worry that his girlfriend, however one sided it may be has not shown up for their meeting. Yal begins to worry and asks his friends if they will help him find her. They check with Derris who runs the local weapons shop. This is where she normally works. Derris had not seen her that day but that does not surprise him since she had taken the day off to spend time with Yal.
Since their first lead didn’t pan out Garr decides to check with his friends in the police force. The local cops have little information on the missing people, and don’t seem to concerned since the missing people are not really of any importance. When the idea is brought up that it might be a noble abducting people the police get defensive. This really doesn’t come as a surprise since most of the police force is controlled by the nobles.
Finally the party ends up back at the bar where they overhear a group of policemen taking about the disappearing people. There are rumors that a local noble may be the one who is taking people. Specifically a noble named Baron Tichronus.
Yal, Douj, Lol, and Garr decide that they should search the estate to see if they can turn up any leads. Yal marchs up to the the door and knocks. While the others try to a little more discrete sneaking around to inspect the rest of the estate. Dorial, Baron Tichronus’ butler and right hand man answers the door. He gives Yal and the rest of the party condescending look. Clearly he is less than excited about people being at his door. Dorial explains the Barron is not at home and would like it if the party would simply leave.
While Yal and Lol start a fight with Dorial over how important he really is to the Barron and in fact whether or not the Barron is actually home, Douj breaks into the house and has a quick look around, turning up nothing of interest. After turning up nothing of interest in the house Douj and the others decide to inspect the barn, after trying to peer into the barn from the outside all they see are some bodies on the floor. Douj and the others assume the bodies on the ground are dead of the y break into the barn. It turns out the bodies are slaves that are sleeping and not corpses of victims as they had earlier assumed.
Finally the party once again heads back to the main house. This time the group picks the lock and quietly enters in through the front door. There was only one room that they had been unable to explore earlier and that was the study. Inspecting the room turns up nothing of interest, and the group is beginning to become discouraged when there is another knock on the door. This time a woman is standing at the door with two large body guards. Her name is Lady Isaltha and she demands to see the Barron. Lol makes it clear that the Barron is not home and tries to send the Lady Isaltha away after claiming that she is lying about being Barron Tichronus’ fiancé. Lady Isaltha sticks to her story of being the Barrons fiancé, but explains that her true reason for being at the estate is to find where the Barron is hiding his treasure. The only clue being some words he mumbled in his sleep. Circle, green, em, water. As it turns out the words the Barron was mumbling in his sleep correspond to buttons the discovered in the Study. When pushed in the same order as the Lady said says a trap door opens dropping Yal into a pit in the floor. In the pit are a bunch of eggs, one of which bursts open and a creature leaps out and attaches itself to Yal’s back. A few attempts are made to remove it but they all result in causing pain not only to the creature but to Yal also. Clearly there is no treasure here only a breeding ground for some strange creature.
While Yal is stuck in the pit a couple of people who like Yal appear but do not seem to be doing anything as long as no one tries to hurt the eggs. As if things hadn’t gotten creepy info a large marble statue appears in the room. It oozes some sort of blue liquid and is able to speak though telepathy. The statue calls itself the Lily, and explains that she defends the egg chamber, and as long as the adventures promise not to attempt to hurt any of the eggs they will not be attacked further and she also offers to escort them to Devola the mother of the eggs and also the only creature who is capable of removing the defender for Yal.
While on the way to see Devola The Lily tells the adventures all about the creatures called the Nagiana. Once they arrive Devola is less than happy to see them. She is an emmense worm like creature with tentacles that have various surgical tools at the tips. Devola will only speak the Yal since he has the defender attached to him, and even then doesn’t seem to interested in anything he has to say. However, in the end the advetnures are able to make a compromise with Devola. If they will eliminate a group known as the Insidious Choir he will remove the defender. Devola gives the adventures directions to a device that she says will speed up there journey, and some equipment. Plus injects them with a serrume that should keep them from being infected by the insidious choir. It should be noted that since the Devola lives underground the directions that she gives the adventures are for travelling below ground, so if they wish to get to the choir above ground they will have to figure it out themselves.



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